Your Privacy is Secure

And these are the reasons why

In House Software Development for Better Privacy

LimeVPN writes 100% of its VPN server software. The technology behind LimeVPN was fully developed in house by a team of enterprise software developers to ensure your privacy is respected and we provide fifst class anonymous VPN service.

Dynamic Anonymous IP

Each time you connect to LimeVPN your connection gets dynamic IP which is one of 6000+ anonymous IPs in our pool. Therefore your real IP becames masked and hidden until you turn VPN connection off. It is absolutely unpredictable wich of 6000 IPs in the dynamic pool you get each time you connect to VPN server thus no one could know for shure if you was connected with the certain IP address. So if you need to Hide IP using VPN to mask IP is a clever choice.

Data Protection and Encryption

All Personal Information, public and private keys, passwords are stored in encrypted format, using strong cryptographic algorithms. Appropriate security measures are taken for the protection of this information against unauthorized access, unauthorized alteration, destruction or disclosure of data.

Fully Owned Hardware for Flexibility

LimeVPN was launched with the aim of offering reliable and flexible VPN services to worldwide users, manages its own network, and owns the hardware to ensure your privacy is respected and your speeds are fast.

Personal Information Collection

Personal Information is used by LimeVPN to better understand your needs and interests, conduct business, refine and develop our business, personalize communications, improve services and ensure quality experience for users of the LimeVPN website and services. We do not share, sell or rent your personal information with non-affiliated companies or other people apart from providing products or services you’ve requested for.

The business class VPN network for serious security